• - Schedule Instruments in 2 clicks
  • - Track Actual & Scheduled Usage
  • - Streamline Sample Submissions
  • - Automate Invoices and Reports
  • - Integrate with ERP & LIMS systems
  • - Simplified Cloud Data Storage Solution
  • - Manage Supplies & Inventory
  • - Integrate through API
  • - Take decisions through BI
  • - Track Publications
  • - Schedule on the Go with Infinity Mobile App
  • - 5 TB of Cloud Data storage for FREE
  • - Add Branding and Color to Infinity
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Manage your Core Facilities in a few clicks...

Idea Elan provides a comprehensive, intuitive, and scalable core management solution for all operational aspects of the core facility. Core facility managers devote considerable time, energy, and effort to administrative and operational issues at the expense of conducting pioneering research work. At Idea Elan, we partner with you to optimize your facility's functionally and financially.

Idea Elan's expertise includes instrument scheduling, billing and invoicing, financial integration with ERP tools, work /sample order management, facility analytics reporting, supply ordering and inventory management, and project management. Through the use of our software, customers have improved oversight of core services, increased productivity, introduced new technologies to streamline workflow, and facilitated communication.

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