Publications Module

Publication Module



Infinity software includes a user Publication Module. The feature connects with multipe sources to retrieve published journals relevant to each facility and its users. By running a report, virtually every article from a particular lab or user will appear and can be tracked or viewed in the software. The user has the option to display the publication for facility usage or display only for themselves.

Facilities benefit immensely from the Publication Module. Once a PI/ Group Leader or user acknowledges that a publication was made using the infrastructure and expertise of a core facility, the cores can provide a portfolio of publications as justification of accomplishment.

The Idea Elan Publications Module:

  • Provides one database for users to view their publications
  • Enhances the reputation of the facility
  • Accredits the facility
  • Pulls information depending on facility users
  • Allows for users to view all their publications centrally
  • Automatically pulls publications from several sources for all the users and PIs/ Group Leaders