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We may need to occasionally take the Idea Elan software service down for a short period to perform scheduled maintenance. We will attempt to schedule any maintenance events when it imposes the least amount of service interruption. We commit to providing appropriate notification for all scheduled maintenance.
  • The on-site installed model will have an upfront capital cost along with an annual support and maintenance fee
  • The SaaS model is a simple monthly fee model with no additional annual cost

Please view our pricing page for more information.

Although our software fits most needs out of the box, we still provide customization for facilities. Customization is one of our key strengths, and we’re able to customize any module of our software to meet your specific needs quickly and efficiently.
We can integrate our software with any of the existing ERP systems such as PeopleSoft, SAP, Banner, Oracle Financials, and Lawson.
Existing data can be easily imported and exported through Idea Elan Software. Implementation time is short, as we can import existing information and data directly into the system. We also configure each link to meet the facility’s needs.
Idea Elan caters to broad range of core facilities from a simple single core facility to a host of core facilities within an institution or a group of core facilities spread across the globe. We offer both SaaS (Software as a Service Model) and on-site Installed solution.

We are very concerned with safeguarding information. We follow generally accepted industry standards to protect the personal information submitted to us, both during transmission and once we receive it. We are committed to ensuring that any data provided through the Idea Elan Software Service remains private and under no circumstances will we sell any user data unless express permission has been granted. You can request our Security Document here.

We commit to using commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that the Idea Elan Software Service is available with an annual uptime percentage of at least 99.95%. In the event of service downtime, we commit to communicating why the service was unavailable and how we plan to improve the service to ensure we meet our commitments in the future. Our service commitment does not apply to any unavailability, suspension, or termination of the Idea Elan Software Service that are caused by any force majeure event or by Internet access or related problems outside of our reasonable control.

Support begins during the first step of implementation and continues throughout your use of Idea Elan. Detailed, step-by-step quick guides are provided for every role level using the system. We also provide a support portal through Zendesk. Zendesk allows you to read articles, watch how-to videos, and search for answers to questions.

Idea Elan takes pride in their up-to-date, state of the art core management software. We focus on keeping each and every feature intuitive and user friendly. Our software is updated atleast once a year for feature and/or new product upgrade.

Through the Zendesk portal, customers can view clips on getting started with Idea Elan. For example, they can see step-by-step tutorials on facility setup, instruments, sample submission, profiles, and much more.