Notifications Module



The Notifications Module facilitates communication among core administrators to maintain workflow and maximize productivity. Notifications can be configured to operate in the form of iconic red flags, emails, and/or text messages. Automatic notifications can be specified by the admin and even user. Admin have the ability to turn off unnecessary email notifications.

Idea Elan Notification Module is available for all aspects of the software. Notifications include reminders for appointments, updates on orders and submissions, and invoice information. Idea Elan allows for admin and users to configure hundreds of email notifications, automatically sending as many or as little as needed.

The notification feature provides a tool for all admin and users to keep on track and organized; never missing a submission, request, or reservation.

  • Facility Admin, PI/ Group Leaders, and users receive notifications connecting the process of an instrument, work order, and/ or an invoice
  • When a user submits a work order, the PI, Facility Admin, and user all receive notifications through each status update in the process
  • Facility Admin and users receive updates, reminders and requests connected to the Instrument Scheduler Module
  • The Notifications Module also includes invoice based updates
  • Facility admin will be notified during each step of the invoice and billing process