Super AdminTM Module

Super Admin

Super AdminsTM can create and configure enterprise-wide settings for Institutions and core facilities. They are equipped to:

  • Create and configure multiple user roles such as Institution AdminsTM, Financial Admins, Facility Admins, Lab Admins, Principal Investigators (PIs)/ Group Leaders, PI/ Group Leader Substitutes, External, and Corporate users
  • Configure institution-wide complex global and core facility specific rules
  • Generate exhaustive reports across multiple institutions, core facilities, labs, projects, user roles and labs
  • Generate Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) reports for Comprehensive Cancer Centers
  • Configure and setup multiple institutions and enterprise-wide settings
  • Maintain and delegate institution, facility, lab, and user framework

The Super AdminTM has complete control over all settings, configurations, rules, and applications for multiple institutions and facilities. Typically, the role is provided to a high-level manager who will oversee all functionality and operations.