Idea Elan Business Model

Idea Elan offers both Service (SaaS) and Installed software solutions. Payment models are flexible and we work with cores no matter what their financial situation. With servers worldwide, our software is readily accessed and extremely affordable.

Hosted(SaaS) Model

Low initial cost

Installed/On Premises Model

High Initial Cost

  • Low initial cost
  • Subscription includes all elements required to effectively run the solution, including access to the software, upgrades, maintenance, hardware, hosting, data backup, and unlimited end user support
  • Fixed number of Work OrderTM/Sample Submission/Service Request Module Templates
  • Subscription price based on several factors such as complexity and size of the core facility
  • This solution is recommended for implementation of a few core facilities or if capital budget is not available
  • High initial cost.  IT personnel may affect pricing. Please review Third Party Research document
  • Higher Maintenance cost due to annual Maintenance and Support fee as percentage of the initial cost
  • Support is dependent on our access to the servers in your Facility/Institution
  • The installed model price is also based on complexity and size of the core facilities
  • This solution recommend this model if core management software is needed for a large number of core facilities