Actual Usage Tracker

Actual Usage TrackerTM Module


Infinity features the innovative and patent pending Actual Usage TrackerTM. Beyond a simple calendar booking system, our Core Management Software provides a unique actual usage tracking system. All real time instrument use is automatically logged and recorded using the Actual Usage Tracker.

This real time feature can be used to define exactly when a user operated an instrument, even without a reservation. Detailed charges, reports, and data can be tracked through the actual usage tracker.

Using this module, it is possible to track the actual usage of both computer-controlled and non-computer-controlled instruments and equipment. The core facility administrators have the ability to:

  • Generate intricate actual vs. scheduled usage reports
  • Easily identify irregular users
  • Manage instrument downtime and estimate productivity loss
  • Choose whether usage is charged based on actual usage time vs. the scheduled reservation
  • Exclusively montior users on an exact usage time
  • Charge or restrict users for absence or late fees on scheduled appointments
  • View all instruments currently in use