Instrument Scheduler Module

Idea Elan has an intuitive UIX for instrument and resource scheduling. Users can schedule instruments easily in 2 clicks! While making a reservation, options for particular session types and add-ons can be easily selected by a user. All rules and regulations can be configured by an admin for any session type or user. The Instrument Scheduler Module enables users with several advanced functionalities such as:

  • Two-click reservations
  • Configuration and validation of multiple account codes for each reservation
  • Configuration and enforcement of lab rules and policies
  • Configuration of email notifications
  • Addition of special instructions for each reservation
  • Creation of complex reservation rules and user rate options based on user types, user sessions, and the specific instrument
  • Automatic charge calculation dependent on multiple usage fee configurations
  • Downtime application for maintenance or service
  • Issue tracking including status and reports
  • Admin calendar for training and other supervised sessions
  • Waitlist option for specific instrument and usage time
  • Manage large Shared Instrumentation Facility