Business Intelligence/ Reporting Module

Business Intelligence/ Reporting Module


Accurate reports are critical for nearly every member of an institution. Our core management software allows each role to run reports based on their access in the system. While users can report on their personal work in a facility or lab, admin have the ability to run metrics and statistics on their entire facility or lab. From revenue to usage, Idea Elan has provided an array of intricate reports, pulled directly from the system.

The Reporting Module streamlines the analysis process for an entire institution. Since the reports come from usage, revenue, and services already in the system, admin can simply run a report and export or email to administrative offices.

The Reporting Module provides each user role a host of reporting functionality such as:

  • Exhaustive Graphical reports based on user types, instruments, actual usage, and labs
  • System generated reports for all  work orders created for a particular lab within a time period
  • Export options to Excel, PDF and Word file formats
  • Configuration export templates per facility
  • Archivable Reports and Report templates to retrieve information at any time
  • Perform statistical analysis based on multiple criteria
  • Determine revenue and usage of a particular instrument
  • Determine revenue from a particular lab or user over a particular time period. 
  • View technical analytics for issue tracking
  • Run cross facility, lab, and institution metrics and analytics
  • Create personal reports that detail individual usage and revenue
  • Calculate yearly or monthly growth of a facility