Sample Management Module

Sample Management Module

sample management


Streamline research with the Sample Submission Module. Organize and track each step in an experiment or evaluation of submitted samples. Idea Elan's intuitive and precise Sample Management Module helps the facility monitor and process an array of work order forms.

Samples can then be tracked using barcodes and, if needed, well plate templates. The sample plates mirror physical wells obtained and ran in a facility. This virtual feature helps facility admin track single submissions notifying users of the status of each sample. Each sample can be tracked using configurable and facility specific milestones.

Idea Elan's Sample Management Module is a complete, comprehensive solution for organizing and tracking any sample processed in a facility.

The Sample Management Module aids with:

  • Organization of large sample submissions
  • Virtual and clear 96 or 48 well plates
  • Individual sample status tracking
  • Intricate and detailed logs for users and facility admin to view
  • Complete barcode organization
  • Integration with Instruments and other LIMS systems