Invoicing Module

Billing and Invoicing Module


The Billing and Invoicing module was created to construct a manageable financial process for PIs/ Group Leaders and core managers. Invoice settings are available for an organized, yet detailed, billing system. With only a few clicks, facility admin can send clear, intricate invoices to PIs/ Group Leaders. 

The PI/ Group Leader also has configurable settings, allowing for auto or manual approval of invoices. The status of an invoice is clear for both the PI/ Group Leader and admin. PIs/ Group Leaders have the option to accept, reject, or mark for review entire invoices and/ or individual transactions. Each transaction can be managed by PIs/ Group Leaders, PI/ Group Leader substitutes and facility admins.

To ease the invoicing process, facility admin can set automated invoicing dates. Invoices will be automatically generated on a monthly, quarterly, or bi-weekly basis, depending on the facility’s configurations. Institution wide settings can also be implemented for auto-generation along with auto-approval features.

Institutions can integrate the Billing and Invoicing Module with any financial system such as Peoplesoft, Lawson, Banner, Oracle Financials, Kuali, SAP, and Aggresso. This way, admin can streamline their billing process.

Key features of the Billing and Invoicing Module include: 

  • Configurable billing and invoicing approval based on complex rules and policies by the core manager
  • System to keep an audit trail of all modifications made to an invoice
  • System to create invoice templates based on sample submissions and instrument use
  • System to have billing options based on: usage sessions, user type (external, beginner, expert, admin and other roles), prime time, after hours and/or weekend hours, sample submissions and milestones
  • PI/ Group Leader approval settings
  • PI/ Group Leader budget amounts