Work Order/Sample Submission/Service Request Module

Work OrderTM/Sample Submission/Service Request Module

Sample Submission Module


Infinity provides a tracking system for projects, samples, and work order submissions. These forms are completely configurable by the facility admin, and easy to access by users. Once a user submits a form, the facility admin has access to all information and can change the status for each step of the process. Users can view the status of their submissions as well as automatically access their results.

Services can be easily tracked and previous results and sample details can be viewed by users at any time. Tedious log books and journals are unnecessary with the Work OrderTM/Sample Submission/Service Request Module.

Admin can create customized sample submission templates for several facilities such as genomics, histology, proteomics, bioinformatics, flow cytometry, bio-assay, bioresources, metabolomics, and antibody cores.

This module enables the institution with:

  • Transforming any document or paper trail into a sample submission template in minutes
  • Creating sample submission templates using rich tool set
  • Providing sample submission template repository for sharing forms across facilities
  • Creating and configuring milestones and associated pricing sheets toward each sample submission
  • Creating price lists for different user roles, submission forms, and milestones
  • Selecting and saving favorite sample submissions forms for each user type
  • Easy to follow and track publications and samples
  • Easy to create and fill out survey and feedback forms
  • Configuring conditions for specific request information for each sample field