Core Management Software


Mobile App

Schedule in 2 clicks using the ultimate booking system from your mobile phone, anywhere anytime! Dedicated Infinity Mobile App from Idea Elan will revolutionize the way you work with cores and labs. Say goodbye to work from a desktop and a laptop, get things done faster on the go!

  • Quick and easy facility access
  • Innovative mobile instrument scheduling
  • Remote access from any smartphone(supports both Android and iOS platforms)
  • Sleek and detailed dashboard views
  • Swift issue reporting
  • Simplified favorites feature for fast scheduling
  • Automatic notifications from admins and other users

Use Google Play Store or iTunes to download IE Infinity today!

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Instrument Scheduler Module

Idea Elan provides an instrument calendar that is easy to understand and use. While making a reservation, options for particular session types and add-ons can be easily selected by a user. All rules and regulations can be configured by an admin for any session type or user. The Instrument Scheduler Module enables users with several advanced functionalities such as:

  • Two-click reservations
  • Configuration and validation of multiple account codes for each reservation
  • Configuration and enforcement of lab rules and policies
  • Configuration of email notifications
  • Addition of special instructions to each reservation
  • Create complex reservation rules and user rate options based on user types, user sessions, and instrument type
  • Automatic charge calculation dependent on multiple usage fee configurations
  • Downtime application for maintenance or service
  • Issue tracking including status and reports
  • Admin calendar for training and other supervised sessions
  • Waitlist option for specific instrument and usage time

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Actual Usage TrackerTM Module

Infinity features the innovative and patent pending Actual Usage TrackerTM. Beyond a simple calendar booking system, our Core Management Software provides a unique actual usage tracking system. All real time instrument use is automatically logged and recorded using the Actual Usage Tracker.

This real time feature can be used to define exactly when a user operated an instrument, even without a reservation. Detailed charges, reports, and data can be tracked through the actual usage tracker.

Using this module, it is possible to track the actual usage of both computer-controlled and non-computer-controlled instruments and equipment. The core facility administrators have the ability to:

  • Generate intricate actual vs. scheduled usage reports
  • Easily identify irregular users
  • Manage instrument downtime and estimate productivity loss
  • Choose whether usage is charged based on actual usage time vs. the scheduled reservation
  • Exclusively montior users on an exact usage time
  • Charge or restrict users for absence or late fees on scheduled appointments
  • View all instruments currently in use

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Cloud Storage Module

Infinity Cloud Data Storage Module is a revolutionary way to store files directly from the instrument. Upload files in bulk from your instruments automatically to the cloud. Additionally, users can share the files throughout the institution and to collaborators outside of Institution within a few clicks in Infinity.

The Cloud Data Storage Module provides:

  • Up to 5 terabytes of free storage
  • Sharing capabilities with many access controls and an audit log of shared files
  • Search files with many options

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Work OrderTM/Sample Submission/Service Request Module

Infinity provides a tracking system for projects, samples, and work order submissions. These forms are completely configurable by the facility admin, and easy to access by users. Once a user submits a form, the facility admin has access to all information and can change the status for each step of the process. Users can view the status of their submissions as well as automatically access their results.

Services can be easily tracked and previous results and sample details can be viewed by users at any time. Tedious log books and journals are unnecessary with the Work OrderTM/Sample Submission/Service Request Module.

Admin can create customized sample submission templates for several facilities such as genomics, histology, proteomics, bioinformatics, flow cytometry, bio-assay, bioresources, metabolomics, and antibody cores.

This module enables the institution with:

  • Transforming any document or paper trail into a sample submission template in minutes
  • Creating sample submission templates using rich tool set
  • Providing sample submission template repository for sharing forms across facilities
  • Creating and configuring milestones and associated pricing sheets toward each sample submission
  • Creating price lists for different user roles, submission forms, and milestones
  • Selecting and saving favorite sample submissions forms for each user type
  • Easy to follow and track publications and samples
  • Easy to create and fill out survey and feedback forms
  • Configuring conditions for specific request information for each sample field

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Billing and Invoicing Module

The Billing and Invoicing module was created to construct a manageable financial process for PIs/ Group Leaders and core managers. Invoice settings are available for an organized, yet detailed, billing system. With only a few clicks, facility admin can send clear, intricate invoices to PIs/ Group Leaders. 

The PI/ Group Leader also has configurable settings, allowing for auto or manual approval of invoices. The status of an invoice is clear for both the PI/ Group Leader and admin. PIs/ Group Leaders have the option to accept, reject, or mark for review entire invoices and/ or individual transactions. Each transaction can be managed by PIs/ Group Leaders, PI/ Group Leader substitutes and facility admins.

To ease the invoicing process, facility admin can set automated invoicing dates. Invoices will be automatically generated on a monthly, quarterly, or bi-weekly basis, depending on the facility’s configurations. Institution wide settings can also be implemented for auto-generation along with auto-approval features.

Institutions can integrate the Billing and Invoicing Module with any financial system such as Peoplesoft, Lawson, Banner, Oracle Financials, Kuali, SAP, and Aggresso. This way, admin can streamline their billing process.

Key features of the Billing and Invoicing Module include: 

  • Configurable billing and invoicing approval based on complex rules and policies by the core manager
  • System to keep an audit trail of all modifications made to an invoice
  • System to create invoice templates based on sample submissions and instrument use
  • System to have billing options based on: usage sessions, user type (external, beginner, expert, admin and other roles), prime time, after hours and/or weekend hours, sample submissions and milestones
  • PI/ Group Leader approval settings
  • PI/ Group Leader budget amounts

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Supplies and Inventory

Publications Module

Idea Elan Software includes a user Publication Module. The feature connects with multipe sources to retrieve published journals relevant to each facility and its users. By running a report, virtually every article from a particular lab or user will appear and can be tracked or viewed in the software. The user has the option to display the publication for facility usage or display only for themselves.
Facilities benefit immensely from the Publication Module. Once a PI/ Group Leader or user acknowledges that a publication was made using the infrastructure and expertise of a core facility, the cores can provide a portfolio of publications as justification of accomplishment.
The Idea Elan Publications Module:

  • Provides one database for users to view their publications
  • Enhances the reputation of the facility
  • Accredits the facility
  • Pulls information depending on facility users
  • Allows for users to view all their publications centrally
  • Automatically pulls publications from several sources for all the Users and PIs/ Group Leaders

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Project Management Module

Through the project feature, multiple forms, usage, and services can be tracked and conveniently organized. Projects can span throughout multiple institutions, facilities, labs, and users for documentation and budgeting purposes.

The Project Management Module allows Institution AdminsTM, Super AdminsTM, Users and core managers to:

  • Create complex projects that involve multiple PIs/ Group Leaders and span across multiple institutions and multiple core facilities
  • Create projects in multiple currencies and manage upfront payments as well as prepaid budgets
  • View the dashboard to see their current and overall activity on a project and conduct intermittent status checks
  • Create and track Complex Work OrderTM templates and workflow process for a specific set of users
  • Set and configure detailed timelines for project due dates
  • Create exhaustive reports based on different criteria
  • Implement timelines and end dates
  • Provide project access to specific users and admin

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Business Intelligence/ Reporting Module

Accurate reports are critical for nearly every member of an institution. Our core management software allows each role to run reports based on their access in the system. While users can report on their personal work in a facility or lab, admin have the ability to run metrics and statistics on their entire facility or lab. From revenue to usage, Idea Elan has provided an array of intricate reports, pulled directly from the system.

The Reporting Module streamlines the analysis process for an entire institution. Since the reports come from usage, revenue, and services already in the system, admin can simply run a report and export or email to administrative offices.

The Reporting Module provides each user role a host of reporting functionality such as:

  • Exhaustive Graphical reports based on user types, instruments, actual usage, and labs
  • System generated reports for all  work orders created for a particular lab within a time period
  • Export options to Excel, PDF and Word file formats
  • Configuration export templates per facility
  • Archivable Reports and Report templates to retrieve information at any time
  • Perform statistical analysis based on multiple criteria
  • Determine revenue and usage of a particular instrument
  • Determine revenue from a particular lab or user over a particular time period. 
  • View technical analytics for issue tracking
  • Run cross facility, lab, and institution metrics and analytics
  • Create personal reports that detail individual usage and revenue
  • Calculate yearly or monthly growth of a facility

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Themes and Branding Module

Companies and institutions are recognizable by their themes, color schemes, and logos. Infinity gives each of their customers the ability to modify the UI theme in the entire software. Completely personalize Infinity to match any institution branding by choosing from a variety of theme colors. Themes will be seen by all user roles on the login page and in each module.

Institutions and Companies will be able to

  • Brand using Institution or Company logos
  • Customize Landing Pages
  • Setup Institution-wide themes

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Supplies and Inventory

Supplies and Inventory Tracking Module

Never spend time manually tracking product stock again with the Supply and Inventory Tracking Module by Idea Elan! The Supply and Inventory Tracker feature from Idea Elan provides an intuitive solution for facility supplies. Core directors can setup categorized product lists for both users and internal staff to order.

The module reduces paperwork and manual inventory tracking time. Admin can view which products are on order, have been shipped, and if a product supply is low all in one module. When an order is placed, the system automatically deducts the number of supplies in stock. More so, user specific fees structures can be setup within each facility.

Idea Elan Supply and Inventory Tracker helps the admin to:

  • Add accessible supply lists for their facility
  • Monitor inventory and supply orders
  • Set and edit supply fees
  • List and keep track of product suppliers
  • Remove and restrict supplies for their facility

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Supplies and Inventory

Notifications Module

The Notifications Module facilitates communication among core administrators to maintain workflow and maximize productivity. Notifications can be configured to operate in the form of iconic red flags, emails, and/or text messages. Automatic notifications can be specified by the admin and even user. Admin have the ability to turn off unnecessary email notifications.

Idea Elan Notification Module is available for all aspects of the software. Notifications include reminders for appointments, updates on orders and submissions, and invoice information. Idea Elan allows for admin and users to configure hundreds of email notifications, automatically sending as many or as little as needed.

The notification feature provides a tool for all admin and users to keep on track and organized; never missing a submission, request, or reservation.

  • Facility Admin, PI/ Group Leaders, and users receive notifications connecting the process of an instrument, work order, and/ or an invoice
  • When a user submits a work order, the PI, Facility Admin, and user all receive notifications through each status update in the process
  • Facility Admin and users receive updates, reminders and requests connected to the Instrument Scheduler Module
  • The Notifications Module also includes invoice based updates
  • Facility admin will be notified during each step of the invoice and billing process

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Sample Management Module

Streamline research with the Sample Submission Module. Organize and track each step in an experiment or evaluation of submitted samples. Idea Elan's intuitive and precise Sample Management Module helps the facility monitor and process an array of work order forms.

Samples can then be tracked using barcodes and, if needed, well plate templates. The sample plates mirror physical wells obtained and ran in a facility. This virtual feature helps facility admin track single submissions notifying users of the status of each sample. Each sample can be tracked using configurable and facility specific milestones.

Idea Elan's Sample Management Module is a complete, comprehensive solution for organizing and tracking any sample processed in a facility.

The Sample Management Module aids with:

  • Organization of large sample submissions
  • Virtual and clear 96 or 48 well plates
  • Individual sample status tracking
  • Intricate and detailed logs for users and facility admin to view
  • Complete barcode organization
  • Integration with Instruments and other LIMS systems

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Stockroom Module

Idea Elan provides a Stock Room Module that aids in product management. Orders to the stockroom are automatically deducted from supply inventory.

Large quantities of product levels can be cataloged and orders can be tracked. Specific charges can be set in place for internal or external users as well as facility staff fees. Facility workers, upon receiving an order, can process and ship or filter through requested supplies to streamline the process.

Vendor information can also be easily stored within the Idea Elan system. Admin can view vendor information and can order based on stock within the facility.

The Stock Room module also provides a category feature. Since the categories are completely configurable, admin can setup an organization system to label groups of products. These categories can be seen by the admin as well as the ordering customer.

Barcodes are also available to be printed and setup on each and every product in stock. Using a barcode scanner, staff can process an order and keep track of stock all in one step. Once a barcode is scanned, Idea Elan’s systems will recognize the product and deduct from the inventory.

The Stock Room Module is beneficial for:

  • Full tracking system of large stock rooms
  • A complete record of past orders
  • Easy order functionality
  • Barcode tracking for products
  • Organized vendor information
  • Category organization features

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Web Wizard Module

The Web Wizard Module is an intuitive step-by-step guide that assists administrators and users through software functionality. The Web Wizard is available for all user roles and multiple features throughout the software. Web Wizards also are available when creating comprehensive global settings spanning across facilities and labs.

The Web Wizard functions include:

  • An easy to follow step by step guide for multiple features
  • Specific filter options to help admin and users configure setup options
  • Guidance through setup of user information, forms, instruments, and supplies

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Technical Issues

Technical Issue Tracking and Analytics Module

The Technical Issue Tracking and Analytics Module can be used to notify the instrument manager of any equipment issues. Tickets are automatically created and sent to facility admin in order to fix the problem, schedule maintenance, set downtime, and respond to the ticket. Admin can send requests to instrument manufacturers directly from the ticket. More so, downtime can be scheduled directly from the issue ticket. The status can change for scheduled, unscheduled, or in repair, depending on the type of downtime.

Admin can generate issue and downtime reports calculated for months or years worth of time using the Technical Issue Analytics feature.

There are multiple features to track:

  • Up and down time
  • Idle time
  • Repair time
  • Service days
  • How often, how long, and schedules of downtime and repair

The analytic report can be calculated for months or years worth of time.

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Super AdminTM Module

Super AdminsTM can create and configure enterprise-wide settings for Institutions and core facilities. They are equipped to:

  • Create and configure multiple user roles such as Institution AdminsTM, Financial Admins, Facility Admins, Lab Admins, Principal Investigators (PIs)/ Group Leaders, PI/ Group Leader Substitutes, External, and Corporate users
  • Configure institution-wide complex global and core facility specific rules
  • Generate exhaustive reports across multiple institutions, core facilities, labs, projects, user roles and labs
  • Generate Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) reports for Comprehensive Cancer Centers
  • Configure and setup multiple institutions and enterprise-wide settings
  • Maintain and delegate institution, facility, lab, and user framework

The Super AdminTM has complete control over all settings, configurations, rules, and applications for multiple institutions and facilities. Typically, the role is provided to a high-level manager who will oversee all functionality and operations.

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