Stock Room Module

Stockroom Module

Stock Room

Idea Elan provides a Stock Room Module that aids in product management. Orders to the stockroom are automatically deducted from supply inventory.

Large quantities of product levels can be cataloged and orders can be tracked. Specific charges can be set in place for internal or external users as well as facility staff fees. Facility workers, upon receiving an order, can process and ship or filter through requested supplies to streamline the process.

Vendor information can also be easily stored within the Idea Elan system. Admin can view vendor information and can order based on stock within the facility.

The Stock Room module also provides a category feature. Since the categories are completely configurable, admin can setup an organization system to label groups of products. These categories can be seen by the admin as well as the ordering customer.

Barcodes are also available to be printed and setup on each and every product in stock. Using a barcode scanner, staff can process an order and keep track of stock all in one step. Once a barcode is scanned, Idea Elan’s systems will recognize the product and deduct from the inventory.

The Stock Room Module is beneficial for:

  • Full tracking system of large stock rooms
  • A complete record of past orders
  • Easy order functionality
  • Barcode tracking for products
  • Organized vendor information
  • Category organization features