Supplies & Inventory Tracking Module

Supplies and Inventory Tracking Module

Supplies and Inventory

The Supply and Inventory Tracker feature from Idea Elan provides an intuitive solution for facility supplies. Core directors can set up product lists, organized in categories, for users to order, or for internal admin use.

The module reduces paperwork and manual inventory tracking time. When a supply is ordered, the system automatically recognizes and deducts the product from the facility inventory. Admin can view which products are on order, have been shipped, and if a product supply is low. More so, fees can be applied to each product within a facility. When inventory is low, admin will receive an email notifying them of the stock levels.

Idea Elan Supply and Inventory Tracker helps the admin to:

  • Add accessible supply lists for their facility
  • Monitor inventory and supply orders
  • Set and edit supply fees
  • List and keep track of product suppliers
  • Remove and restrict supplies for their facility