Idea Elan is a great software for billing and tracking user fees.

Sampada Apte

Administrative Director
Georgetown University Medical Center

The team is very supportive and provides excellent customer service. I am very happy with their service and the software itself

In 2016 we were looking for a dynamic and cost-efficient lab information system for our facilities Protein Technologies and Histopathology at the Vienna BioCenter. One year later the system is fully integrated in our IT and lab infrastructure and used by 50 labs and 350 customers/lab members.

Thomas Micheler

Head of Strategic Information Management (SIM)
Vienna Biocenter Core Facilities GmbH (VBCF)

The development and setup process was very agile and they met 95% of our requirements without further adjustments. The request management is a very effective to track samples and we could fully adapt it to our needs by using customized forms. In addition, the instrument booking gives our customers the power to reserve instruments in advance and allows us to control and track our equipment usage in a more efficient way.

After researching 5 different companies and their software we chose Idea Elan.

John Wilderman

Analytical Instrumentation Engineer,
University Instrumentation Center
University of New Hampshire

We have been using it for over a year now. The software was able to integrate the reservations and invoicing into one package that was better and more versatile than our home grown programs we had been using. Their tech support staff is good and responds very rapidly to questions and or minor changes that we have needed to better customize the software to meet our needs. So far I have enjoyed working with the software and the company.

The Laboratory Management software from Idea Elan has been instrumental in establishing and maintaining our complex research technology operation.

Anastas Popratiloff, MD/PhD

Director and Lead Scientist,
GW Nanofabriacation and Imaging
Center (OVPR) and Professor of
Anatomy (SMHS)
The George Washington University

The platform is capable to integrate an operation consisting of diverse funding portfolio, investigator profiles, needs and utilization schemes. The interface was easily absorbed by the labs and their managers as it provided flexible functionality for scheduling on priority basis in a transparent and dynamic way.

I have been involved in core facility management for over 20 years and Idea Elan has made the scheduling process an ease.

Lance Rodenkirch

Managing Core Director
UW-Madison Optical Imaging Core

All my microscopes and image analysis systems are available for reservation on one site. Once the facility user is logged in , they can reserve time in just 2 computer (mouse) clicks.

Inside Idea Elan, the user can color code the session for training, independent usage and even service/maintenance. Idea Elan has also updated my monthly usage reports to be integrated into the University's accounting system to streamline our billing process. Quick technical support from Idea Elan is also a plus!!

Idea Elan's support staff are a living definition of superb customer service.

Louis King, Ph.D

Michigan State University Flow Cytometry Center

If I have a problem, they will talk through it or get the software changed so it works.

All of my users like the calendar service sign up function.  The have very few problems with it. The invoicing system is now working well.  It allows me to correlate user run SL numbers with the associated invoice record.

Idea Elan has been instrumental in helping our core streamline sample submission, billing and reporting.

Vanessa Schmid

We are a fairly large core in terms of revenue so tracking and billing samples manually was an administrative nightmare. Idea Elan installed their software on our internal server, and has helped integrate it with our current financial system. They have been very responsive to customizing and taking our specific needs into account when designing our interface. It is user friendly for both the administrative staff and the technical staff. Idea Elan has multiple levels of permissions that enables the core to delegate many of our administrative processes and allow core personnel to focus on production.

The software is easy to follow for any user.

Aaron Puckett

University of Louisville

For the administrator the bar graphs or pie charts document specifics on equipment user and time spent using the machines in the Idea Elan system.  It has a professional look.

Customer service is always a live chat away or if needed/requested by phone.  No answering machines or computer directory.  Customer service corrects any issues on their end in real time or can provide assistance in a walk through progression on the phone for better understanding of the system.

Idea Elan and SyBIT have been collaborating for the last year in implementing a customized core-facility-management software usable by multiple academic core facilities at different institutions in Switzerland to facilitate discovery of resources, scheduling, work-flow management, project management, billing, invoicing, and reporting.

Peter Kunszt

SyBIT Project Manager,
The Swiss Systems Biology Initiative SystemsX.ch

The backbone of this customized software is Idea Elan's IRIS software which is an intuitive, configurable, and user friendly software that can be completely controlled and managed by SystemsX administrators. IRIS offers facility staff more time to pursue critical activities that are relevant to their scientific missions.
We are happy to work with Idea Elan because they provide a well suited solution that caters to the varying needs of small to large core facilities based in multiple institutions across Switzerland.

We finally found it with Idea Elan. Our users enjoy the enhanced support and our staff more efficiently operate day-to-day core activities.

Kirk Czymmek, Ph.D.

Director, Bio-Imaging Facility,
DBI, University of Delaware

For the last 5 years, the DBI Bio-Imaging Center and CTCR facility has been searching for a comprehensive and flexible tool for scheduling, project management and reporting for our core facility

The Core Facility Management Suite from Idea Elan, with its tailored invoicing module, has enabled us to reduce our administrative workload from several months each year to mere days. This leaves more money for research and equipment and also enables further equipment to be organized in open core facilities to the benefit of the research environment.

Geir Olav Løken

Research Coordinator at the Proteomics Unit UiB & Molecular Imaging Center
University of Bergen

Efficient booking and invoicing is paramount for providing scientists with access to core facilities and sharing costs between users without time consuming and costly administration.

I found the software solution offered by Idea Elan to seamlessly satisfy all these functions in a single web-based platform. My group has been using this tool successfully over the last year and find it to be an excellent solution.

James T. Russell DVM, PhD.

Director NICHD MIC.
National Institutes of Health

As Director of a Microscopy and Imaging Core facility with the National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) within the NIH, I was looking for a flexible easy to use solution for automation of many key facility management functions.

The Idea Elan team was great at supporting us in the implementation and daily operations of the software.

KAUST Management Team

One of their biggest strengths is their willingness to customize the software to our needs.

Infinity stands as an indisputably indispensable solution, transforming the orchestration of our core research facilities into a seamless and efficient process by seamlessly integrating service and instrument reservations, supply ordering, and invoicing within our ERP processes.

Ghent University Management Team

Infinity has emerged as a pivotal cornerstone of our operational efficiency. Its comprehensive functionality empowers our organization to achieve greater effectiveness and productivity in managing all aspects of our research endeavors.