Project Management Module

Project Management Module

Project Management


Through the project feature, multiple forms, usage, and services can be tracked and conveniently organized. Projects can span throughout multiple institutions, facilities, labs and users for documentation and budgeting purposes.

The Project Management Module allows Institution AdminsTM, Super AdminsTM, Users and core managers to:

  • Create complex projects that involve multiple PIs/ Group Leaders and span across multiple institutions and multiple core facilities
  • Create projects in multiple currencies and manage upfront payments as well as prepaid budgets
  • View the dashboard to see their current and overall activity on a project and conduct intermittent status checks
  • Create and track Complex Work OrderTM templates and workflow process for a specific set of users
  • Set and configure detailed timelines for project due dates
  • Create exhaustive reports based on different criteria
  • Implement timelines and end dates
  • Provide project access to specific users and admin